Zulueta Presents First Professorial Chair Donation

Chapter President Alexis Zulueta presented the chapter’s first professorial chair endowment to University of the Philippines President Emerlinda Roman in a meeting at the latter’s office in Diliman last February 15, 2008.  Dr. Roman informed Alexis that the chapter’s $30,000 donation was the first contribution the University has received among the many endowment chairs that have been pledged by various alumni associations since she started the fundraiser in 2006.  Appropriately, it was noted that the donation came from the first-ever alumni chapter established outside of the Philippines.  With pride, Zulueta responded that the Berkeley chapter is continuing its commitment to assist the University’s faculty by raising funds for a second professorial chair endowment.

In a letter accompanying the donation, Zulueta acknowledged immediate past president Romi Beza, philanthropist Julie Zarate-Hudson and Madrigal Concert chair Henry Torres, among others, for their valuable contribution in raising funds for the chapter’s first professorial chair endowment fund.  It was under Romi’s term that $35,000 was pledged by chapter members — led by Julie Zarate-Hudson –and over $22,000 was collected.  Additionally, Romi and his board of directors laid the foundation for the very successful Madrigal Singers concert that Henry eventually implemented during the start of Alexis’ term and from which an additional $15,000 was raised.  The chapter’s second professorial chair endowment therefore now is about one-third complete.  Already, Alexis and her board have made plans, which includes the upcoming May Golf Tournament,  to complete the chapter’s second endowment.  It would be a strong statement indeed by the University’s foremost international chapter if it can deliver its second professorial chair endowment even before the other chapters can present their initial donation.

Dr. Emer Roman, along with College of Business Administration Dean Erlinda Echanis, graciously treated Alexis to a tour of the Alma Mater and later to lunch after the presentation of the check-donation.

Below is the complete text of Alexis’ letter to Dr. Roman:

Dr. Emerlinda Roman
President, University of the Philippines
Diliman, Quezon City

Dear Dr. Roman,

It is my pleasure to present to you the enclosed check in the amount of $30,000 to establish and fund the first professorial chair endowment on behalf of “The University of the Philippines Alumni Association – Northern California (Berkeley) Chapter.”

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the generous alumni and their spouses who contributed to make this goal a reality (in alphabetical order) as follows:

Frank Batara and Didi Batara                                                 $        750.00
Romi Beza and Beng Beza                                                        $   3,000.00
Janine Barrera-Castillo and Ed Castillo                             $   1,000.00
Oliver Colmenar                                                                               $   2,000.00
Ceny Alfonso-Duldulao and Nestor Duldulao                 $   1,000.00
Leticia Tempongco-Figueroa and Rene Figueroa        $   2,000.00
Julie Zarate-Hudson and Lee Hudson                                  $   3,000.00
Rafael Rey and Diosy del Rosario-Rey                                $      500.00
Isagani Sarmiento and Rhodora Sarmiento                     $   2,500.00
Isaac Tiongson and Cora Fernandez-Tiongson              $   2,000.00
Manuel Utleg and Cherry Sideco-Utleg                              $   3,000.00
Delia de Guzman-Zarate and Hugo Zarate                        $       500.00
Alexis Alcantara-Zulueta and Jess Zulueta                      $   3,000.00
Total Individual Donations                                                             $ 24,250.00
Partial Proceeds from the Madrigal Concert 9/29/07    $   5,750.00
Grand Total                                                                                           $30,000.00

I also want to acknowledge Romi Beza, President of our alumni association for 2005-2007.  It was during his term in 2006 that we accepted the challenge to raise the funds to establish our first professorial chair endowment and initiated the plan for the Philippine Madrigal Singers fundraising concert.  It was my privilege to execute what he started and now deliver the results.

I also want to take this opportunity to specially thank Julie Zarate-Hudson for taking the lead in accepting your challenge when she made the first pledge for $3,000 towards this first professorial chair endowment.  She took us out of our comfort zones, woke up our hearts and inspired many of us to follow her example.  I am sure you remember the occasion since you were with us in California at that time.

Lastly, I want to acknowledge Henry Torres, who chaired the September 29, 2007 Philippine Madrigal Singers Concert committee and his committee members, namely, Joe Aliling, Romi Beza, Ceny Alfonso-Duldulao, Andrea Lorenzo-Las Pinas, Rose de los Reyes-Ramos, Cherry Sideco-Utleg and Edna Mercado-Victorino for a job well done, and thank all the patrons, sponsors, my fellow alumni and other families and friends who supported this fundraising concert.  The funds raised from this project enabled us to complete our commitment as a commemorative gift to our beloved Alma Mater in time for its centennial anniversary in June 2008, plus gave us a good start towards funding our second chair which hopefully we could complete and also deliver this year.

We welcome the opportunity to support our beloved Alma Mater!

The University of the Philippines Alumni Association Northern California (Berkeley) Chapter
(sgd) Alexis Alcantara-Zulueta
President 2007-2008

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